Historic site and monument

What we see today is just a remaining of the origins, monks had to face hard times, wars and realms adversities.
Burned by fire, stolen by bandits, ruined during the French Revolution, during centuries the abbey has been refurbished several times. During the reign of Philippe Auguste end of the 12th century, was a main point changing the abbey giving it its aspect of fortress still remaining today. The convent building is linked to its rocky ridge its wide façade towards the valley is supported by mighty bases and buttresses, a round tower, containing a staircase, is protection towards the valley and possible invaders. Later, other centuries, 15th and 16th , left traces of architectures periods of refurbishments.
Until the French Revolution, the Augustin monks order stayed here before the abbey was sold as a national good and partially destroyed or transformed into accommodations for residents. Hundred years latter the Ouvré family became owner of the abbey. One of their family members donated the building to the Seine-et-Marne Department in order to use it for elder poor people use since 1892. Today the abbey is a nursing home. There is no inside visit possible to discover the architecture but the park is open to visitors.

34 rue de la Ville Forte
77570 Château-Landon

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