A few useful tips to help you prepare your bike-touring stay along the Scandibérique in southern Seine-et-Marne.


Wear a properly fitting helmet (obligatory for children under 12 years of age).
At night, wear a fluorescent vest with reflective bands and use an effective light source.
Sunglasses and sunscreen, biking gloves and shoes, rain clothing and bicycling shorts are all recommended equipment and clothing for longer excursions.
Take along water and some energy bars, to keep you properly hydrated and fuelled.
Don’t forget a bike lock for your urban stops.
Opt for a well-equipped hybrid bike, with a comfortable saddle, a bike light, a cargo rack and at least 21 gears.
Prepare an emergency repair kit, with tools for repairing a flat tire, 2 innertubes per bike, a multifunction tool, and a pump fitting your valves.

Respect the rules of the road!

Cyclists must adhere to the French highway code. All road signs and traffic lights must also be respected.
In the event of a serious infraction, you may be liable to a fine and/or the withdrawal of your licence. Remain vigilant on all roads, particularly at intersections and bridges.
Don’t forget to grant priority to pedestrians and use hand signals.


Keep in mind that you are bicycling at your own risk and you are responsible for any accidents that should occur – harming either yourself or a third party – due to your inappropriate behaviour vis-à-vis the rules of the road, traffic conditions and any dangers to be normally expected in a natural environment.
You must be covered by civil liability insurance.

Safety and security

To make the most of your bike trip, note down useful numbers providing up-to-date weather information and for emergency services.
Météo France (French weather service): 32 50 (or meteofrance.com)
Emergency numbers: 112 for mobile phones or 18 for landlines


Take advantage of facilities placed at your disposal, but remember to respect private property and all regulations and recommendations.
Leave no waste following your picnics!
Camping is only allowed at designated campsites.
Always respect the wild flora and fauna.


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