Historic site and monument

Welcome to the landscape painter’s village at the edge of the Fontainebleau forest. This charming village between fields and forest was a homestead to many painters who made the place famous throughout the world.
Barbizon is the meeting-point of painting and nature.
A village where the artists and peasants alike wore sabots, forerunners of a new genre. A small hamlet whose name was given to a famous painting school: the landscape painters. Theodore Rousseau arrived in Barbizon first, Millet joined him two years later, followed by the other Pre-Impressionnists, such as Corot or Daubigny.

At the Ganne Inn, they are given meals and lodging in exchange for paintings which decorate the wardrobes, sideboards, fireplaces. These places plunge you back in time, into the atmosphere of the artists who when working on the motifs of Nature, found the most beautiful subjects.


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