The Scandibérique passes through France, from north to south. This national bike route is part of the EuroVelo 3 trans-European itinerary linking Norway and Spain. The 1,700-km route leads touring cyclists through 19 French departments. The chosen itinerary purposefully follows waterways and explores an extraordinary wealth of landscapes, gastronomy and cultural heritage, inviting you to enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary (re)discovery of these territories.

The 110 km of the Scandibérique passing through Seine-et-Marne are divided into two sections :

  • 30 km in the north, crossing the territory between the Oise and Seine-Saint-Denis departments, following first the Biberonne and Beuvronne river valleys, then the Ourcq Canal before heading towards Paris.
  • 80 km in the south, between the Essonne and Loiret departments, following the Seine and Loing rivers.

The website presents the southern portion linking the towns of Bois-le-Roi and Souppes-sur-Loing.

Numerous territorial bodies collaborated in support of this project. 

The Seine-et-Marne Department provided significant funding, alongside the Paris Ile-de-France Region. The municipal communities of the Pays de Fontainebleau, the Pays de Nemours, Moret Seine-et-Loing and the Gâtinais Val de Loing oversee the itinerary’s effective implementation through their territories. Finally, Seine-et-Marne Attractivité assists in structuring and improving the touristic quality of the Scandibérique, while also ensuring its promotion.


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