At Epicerie Pastatime by Aix&terra: a tasty moment out of time
Our restaurant "A l'Epicerie Pastatime by Aix&terra" invites you to enjoy an exceptional moment in a cosy atmosphere, with a view over the inner courtyard.

A choice setting where the Ecole des Chefs and Aix&terra - artisan members of the Collège Culinaire de France - revisit Italy, each season, to offer you a bistronomic experience, around Piadines, Pastas, and Pastries.

Committed, artisanal cuisine, blending local produce with French flavors that taste good. The announcement of a wonderful journey, ...... in time. "Cenam vestram fruimini

Epicerie Pastatime by Aix&terra
77300 Fontainebleau

01 60 74 60 00

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Ganzjährig. Täglich von 19.30 Uhr bis 21.30 Uhr. Montag und Sonntag geschlossen.

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